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Don’t Forget to Water Your Lawn!

 How often should I water my lawn?

During hot weeks like what Regina and area have been experiencing lately, water your lawn DAILY or even TWICE A DAY.

For those of you who want to keep your lawn thriving and looking great, make sure to water it regularly. This summer has been a hot one!  We’ve had several days of 30+ degrees Celsius – fairly consistently.  Over the past while and in the next several days, the temperature will continue to reach the high 20s and mid-to-high 30s in Regina and southern Saskatchewan.

In hot weather like this, a great thing to do for your lawn to keep it healthy, green, and growing is to water it every day, and better yet, twice a day.

 How long should I water my lawn?  And what time of day is it best to water my lawn?

How long you water your lawn depends on your sprinkler system, but 10-15 minutes at each watering would be a good amount of time for most systems.  The best times to water your lawn are in the early morning (between 5 am and 7 am) and in the early evening (between 6 pm and 7 pm).  Purchasing a timer for your sprinkler system (if you don’t already have one built into your system) is an economical way to keep you from overwatering your lawn (and your sidewalk ?).

 If it rains, should I still water my lawn?

When we get a large rainfall in Regina, the majority of the rainwater spills over onto our sidewalks or driveways and then goes down the street drains (similar to when you “overwater” your lawn).  Your lawn doesn’t get a chance to drink up all of that rainwater.  If it is a good long rainfall, you can count that as one of your waterings. However, you will need to continue watering your lawn daily, especially on hot days.



Have questions about your lawn?

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