Residential Snow Removal Services

Hire professional snow removal this winter
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Residential Snow Removal Services

Hire professional snow removal this winter.

We help busy families save time!

Want to avoid adding the stress of snow removal this winter?

Weed Pro Snow Removal team is ready to serve you and your family. Keeping that driveway clear and safe all winter long. Stay warm and gain back valuable hours spent hunched over a shovel all winter.

What will you do with all that free time being #shovelfreeYQR this year?!

Review our Snow Removal Plans.

Vacation/Holiday Snow Removal Service

Going on a winter holiday? Are you snowbird, planning your much-anticipated trip south?

Now is the time to secure your snow removal for the 2021/2022 winter season!

Let the professionals at Weed Pro stay on top of clearing the snow while you’re away. You’ll have the peace of mind that we’re out when we need to be.

We send communication before and after service so you’re always in the know!

At the end of the day, Weed Pro professional snow removal helps busy families save time!

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Residential Snow & Ice Removal Services Regina

Weed Pro’s Commitment to our Customers

Weed Pro is a full-service yard lawn care and snow removal company. This is our full-time job, not a side hustle.

We use professional, organized, & dependable staff. This ensures your snow removal service is on time and to your satisfaction.

  • Guaranteed to clear your snow within 24 hours.
  • Customers will have their snow removed at roughly the same time.
  • We come after every snowfall! Even if it is a little skiff of snow our teams are out to ensure your driveways & sidewalks are clear.
  • Our team sends out emails before and after your snow removal service so you are always in the know. And… we answer our phones too!
  • We offer a convenient, monthly payment plan.

Give us a call and we’d be happy to chat through any questions or concerns about our snow removal service. 

Our team watches the weather like it’s our job!

Seriously, our team watches each day for important factors in the weather. Such as wind, temperatures before and after the snow, the rate of snowfall… every little detail!

With every snowfall, big or small, we design and execute our plan to make sure your snow is cleared as soon as possible.

Every driveway in Regina is unique.

This is why we offer custom snow removal pricing.

Not every driveway and sidewalk in Regina is the same. We work with you to provide a custom price for your snow removal service. When contacting us for your free snow removal quote, we use GPS technology to map your driveway and determine your monthly fee.

Given the fact that each driveway is unique, made of different materials, and at different stages of life, we DO NOT apply any salt, ice melt or sand to protect and preserve the lifespan of your driveway.

By sending our snow removal teams out even with the littlest skiff of snow, this allows us to ensure snow and ice is not building up over time. Our snow clearing techniques ensure we get rid of as much snow as possible.



​Seasonal Snow
Shovelling Service

We will come to your home every time it snows. From the lightest powder to the heaviest snow. The Weed Pro snow removal team is watching the weather and will head out clearing every skiff of snow.

​Month By Month Snow Maintenance

Renewing at the beginning of each month will assure Weed Pro will be at your home each time it snows. To remove any snow in the areas you choose

Winter Holiday
Snow Removal Service

If you’ve been managing your snow removal all winter but need a little extra help while you’re away, no problem!

We’ll keep you informed on when we provide service to your home. Providing peace of mind while you’re enjoying your time away.

Snow Removal Services Regina

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