Lawn Overseeding

Your lawn can benefit from overseeding.

Regina’s climate can be harsh and overseeding is one step in lawn care that can drastically improve the look of your lawn.

The benefits of overseeding:

  • it thickens up your lawn
  • introduces new grass seed cultivars that are more insect-resistant
  • more drought tolerant and have a deeper green colour.

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Overseeding can lead to a strong and healthy lawn

Create a Thicker,
Hardier Lawn

Whether you have a patchy thin lawn, or your lawn is already thick and lush, your lawn can benefit from overseeding every few years.

Weed Pro uses a slice seeding machine to implant grass seed directly into the soil. This process increases germination rates to as high as 80% compared to simply broadcasting seed over your lawn.

if your lawn has a problem with weeds,
your lawn isn’t healthy.

Applying a herbicide to your weeds isn’t going to solve your weed problem, they will just keep coming back until we get your lawn healthy.

We’d love to serve you and your family by keeping that driveway clear and safe all winter long.

Weed Pro likes to approach the problem of weeds in a lawn in a big-picture kind of way. If a lawn is healthy and lush it will crowd out weeds and make it difficult for new weeds to establish themselves.

Weed Pro uses premium grass seed varieties
that we have custom-blended.

As a professional lawn care company, we have the option to choose from over 165 varieties of grass seed and custom blend the seeds in the ratios we want.

It’s like choosing apples from a grocery store; that variety is sweet, crunchy, tart, good for baking, making candy apples, etc.

Weed Pro selects the grass variety characteristics we believe our customer wants:

  • Dark Green in colour,
  • resistant to disease,
  • germination rate,
  • drought tolerance,
  • blade thickness etc.

We stay away from the cheap, ugly, fast-growing, pale green varieties, such as ryegrass varieties. Which are in the majority of grass seed blends from garden centres.

When is the best time to Overseed?

Weed Pro overseeds lawns at two main times of the growing season. In May or Late July/Early August.

Points to consider if
Overseeding in May:

Grass seed needs the soil temperatures to be consistently above 15 degrees Celsius to germinate.

We also need to keep the seed moist so Overseeding before the sprinkler system has been fired up and tuned in the spring is not advantageous. Another factor is getting the first application of weed control done before overseeding.

If your lawn did not fair well after winter, you may want to consider overseeding in May so you can have a nice-looking lawn to enjoy by the time July comes.

Points to consider for Overseeding
in Late July or Early August:

  • If your lawn has major weed issues that need to be resolved before overseeding, then by this time of year major weed issues can be under control.
  • If your lawn is in pretty good shape, but you want to thicken it up or simply add new grass seed varieties to your lawn, then Weed Pro suggests overseeding later in the summer because a full season of three applications of fertilizer and weed control can be completed by late July
  • Grass Seed germinates quicker in the late summer. It will have time to establish itself in time for winter. We don’t recommend overseeding after August 10th, to make sure the new grass is ready for the winter ahead.

The Weed Pro Overseeding Process

We make sure our customers have an automatic watering system.

This can either be an underground system or a semi-permanent above-ground system. Check out our blog on automatic watering options. Light frequent watering is essential to keep the grass seed moist to achieve a good germination rate and for healthy long-term establishment of the grass.

We highly recommend our customers get good control of weeds in their lawns before overseeding.

Therefore, most of Weed Pro’s overseeding customers choose the Platinum Package which includes Weed Control and Fertilizer. Weed Pro defaults its overseeding to late summer in this program. If you want us to overseed in the spring, please ask us and we can arrange that for you.

We will always do an aeration at the same time as overseeding. 

This pulls dirt plugs up to the surface and acts as a little topdressing and it helps loosen the soil a bit too.  Because the watering frequency is going to be increased significantly, aeration will really help with water penetration and maximizing the effectiveness of watering.

We then use a slice seeding machine to disc the seed directly into the soil.

When we apply our high-quality grass seed blend, we put it down heavy and thick for outstanding results.  We know as a customer you are investing not only in our services but in your watering bill and the time it takes for the grass to establish itself and become a thick stand of mature grass.

This is why we want to deliver a high-quality service that will produce great results!

In addition to applying grass seed, Weed Pro applies our 100% organic alfalfa top dressing.

The advantage of this topdressing is water retention where the seeds are germinating and it’s a great growing medium to get the tender seed on its way.  Every 1000sqft will receive a 50lb bag of alfalfa which swells to hold four times that weight in water.  It acts like a little 200lb moist blanket every 1000sqft!

Customer responsibility: For overseeding to be effective, a regular watering routine must be maintained for the first 8 to 10 weeks. Overseeding is not recommended for those who do not have an automatic watering system, as maintaining an effective watering schedule is quite involved without timers.

We recommend watering newly planted grass seed three times a day (about 6:00 am, 12:00 pm and 6:00 pm) in each area of your lawn for only 4 to 5 minutes for 8 to 10 weeks.

This totals approximately 1.5 to 2 hours of water per zone a week. The tender roots of the newly germinated grass seed must never dry out, or the results from overseeding will be significantly reduced.  As every sprinkler system emits a different amount of water, and depending on the weather, homeowners are encouraged to check the moistness of the lawn before the next watering cycle begins (ie: 11:45 am or 5:45 pm).

If the lawn is not moist, increase the duration of watering by a few minutes and check the moisture level again the next day.

When mowing your newly seeded lawn, one needs to determine when it should be done. In big bald bare patches, the newly seeded lawn shouldn’t be mowed until the new grass seed is 4 or 5 inches tall (10 to 13cm).

In the bald areas, the lawn should be bagged for the first 3 times it is mowed. If your lawn is in decent shape and overseeding is to thicken up an already decent stand of grass, mowing can be resumed one week after Weed Pro has overseeded. By this time the seed and alfalfa will be weighted down with the water and will not be sucked up into the mower. Remember to keep your mower set to 3 to 3.5 inches tall.

This new grass seed should not receive weed control until it has been mowed 3 to 4 times (approximately 7 to 8 weeks) This is a major consideration why Weed Pro does most of its Overseeding in Late July to Early August. By this time weeds are under control and no further weed treatments are necessary this season.


We have the best lawn overseeding product and technique for Regina’s unique soil.

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