Avoid damage to your underground sprinkler lines

Underground Sprinkler Blow Out Service

Your husband’s air compressor isn’t big enough to do the job.

Portable, household air compressors will not have nearly enough power to blow out an irrigation system.

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Why do my sprinklers need a professional blowout service?

An improper blowout can damage your entire system.
Underground Sprinkler Blowout

In Saskatchewan, we have an extreme climate and the ground can freeze as far down as 6 or 7 feet. Water freezes at 0° Celsius, when water freezes it turns to ice and expands. Expanding ice in water lines, valves and lawn sprinkler heads will crack and fail next spring.

Many customers think it’s an easy enough job to blow out your own sprinklers.

Weed Pro uses high-volume compressors that operate at low pressure. This allows us to stand the water up in the sprinkler line to blow it out.

Home air compressors are not high volume, so when the compressor uses up the tank’s reserve, the 2-15 CFMs that a typical home air compressor generates cannot effectively stand the water up in the sprinkler line. Rather, the water slumps to the bottom of the sprinkler line allowing air to simply skip across the water in the pipe. Weed Pro’s compressors are worth over $15,000 each. We do the job right and that is why we own them.

Weed Pro is reliable and dependable. We know some people like to have their sprinklers blown out early and others like to have them blown out later in the fall so we give you some calendar options for the timing of your winterization.

Watch this short video on how to shut down your system in preparation for having your sprinklers blown by Weed Pro.

In this video, we also show you how to protect your system if it is going to freeze outside before your sprinklers are blown out.


Get your sprinkler system blown out correctly by the professionals at Weed Pro!

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