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Soil Booster

Excellent source of cytokinins and auxins, both plant growth hormones

Soil Booster

Enrich both the soil and the grass plant

Soil Booster contains many trace minerals, amino acids and vitamins that enrich both the soil and the grass plant. It also acts as a microbial stimulant, which loosens your soil, fights off diseases in the lawn, and encourages insects to look elsewhere.

Our supplier of Soil Booster also adds a chelator into its formula. A chelator acts as a shuttle between the soil and root cells. The chelator attaches itself to a mineral in the soil then delivers it to the root system of the grass plant. After making the delivery the chelator is then free to look for another mineral then deliver it again to the roots of the grass plant. Chelators help the whole fertilizer system by ensuring that more of the fertilizer that was applied gets into the grass plant.

The results of using Soil Booster is that the lawn becomes a lot healthier and stands up better in stressful times. The root systems of plants fed with Soil Booster develop a lot further than without. In times of drought, lawns fed with Soil Booster stay green longer and retain moister better. Lawns fed with Soil Booster are more disease and insect resistant. For Weed Pro the bottom line is, if the benefits and results of using Soil Booster are so good, shouldn’t it be included in every lawn care program, not sold as an extra service to our customer?

Therefore we apply Soil Booster not just once, but three times with every lawn care program.

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