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Killing & controlling weeds.

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Weed Pro likes to approach the problem of weeds in a lawn in a big-picture kind of way.

If a lawn is healthy and lush it will crowd out weeds and make it difficult for new weeds to establish themselves. So, if your lawn has a problem with weeds, your lawn isn’t healthy.

  3. Lawn Weed Control

if your lawn has a problem with weeds,
your lawn isn’t healthy.

Applying a herbicide to your weeds isn’t going to solve your weed problem, they will just keep coming back until we get your lawn healthy.

We’d love to serve you and your family by keeping that driveway clear and safe all winter long.

Weed Pro likes to approach the problem of weeds in a lawn in a big-picture kind of way. If a lawn is healthy and lush it will crowd out weeds and make it difficult for new weeds to establish themselves.

Pet Friendly Safe Lawn Fertilizer

Safe for your family. Even your pets!

Weed Pro believes in the safe use and practice of herbicides that have a proven safety record. All weed control products used by Weed Pro have been tested and are registered by Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency. All our weed control technicians have been trained and licensed by the proper Provincial authorities. Weed Pro’s equipment is calibrated to apply the correct amount of product to eliminate weeds.

Our weed control is a contact-only product. This means that when we apply our weed control it needs to land on the surface of the weed leaf. Weed Control works best when weeds are young and actively growing. By the time July comes around, weeds defend themselves from the hot dry weather by encasing their leaves with a thin waxy film. This waxy film reduces the effectiveness of the weed control by not allowing it to be absorbed into the plant.

The weed control we use does not have a residual quality. This means the weed-killing property is only good at the time it is applied. If a weed seed is just about ready to germinate when we apply our weed control, our weed control will not prevent it from sprouting the day after the application. This non-residual quality is a good thing both for health and safety reasons and also for the environment. It also means that we can over-seed a lawn a couple of days after applying weed control.

Weed Control Guarantee

Weed control is an ongoing process throughout the summer.

Weeds will germinate and noticeably develop at your property every 4 to 6 weeks.

This is why all our Fertilizer Packages include three applications throughout the spring, summer and early fall. Weed Pro wants our customers to be thrilled with the results of our weed control, and we guarantee our weed control service.

This may require our customers to let us know if our weed control wasn’t effective, or if a touch-up visit is required between the regular scheduled visits.

Some weeds are more difficult to treat. Weeds like:

  • Canadian Thistle,
  • Creeping Bell Flower,
  • Wild Violet and
  • Clover to name a few.

With these hardy weeds, sometimes it takes two quick treatments to really start to knock them back and then ongoing maintenance thereafter to always keep them at bay.

Weed Pro is committed to getting your weeds under control, just call us and we will gladly do a touch-up between our regularly scheduled visits.

There are some boundaries we need to abide by to protect the health of your grass and the health of the soil.

Weed control should not be applied sooner
than 2 weeks from the previous treatment.

If tackling a difficult weed, more than 5 applications should not be done in one growing season (this would be extremely rare! And only done in the localized area where the stubborn weed is), otherwise the lawn will start to die from overexposure to the weed control.

Non-Package Weed Control.

If you are hiring Weed Pro for a One-Time application of weed control, the results are NOT guaranteed!

Weeds do come back every month or so. Also, some weeds as described above require multiple applications to get a handle on them.

For this reason, we can not guarantee the results from a one-time application.

Important Things To Remember

  • Please stay off the lawn until it has dried.
  • Within a few hours of applying our weed control, the product has become rainfast. The label advises to not water for 24 hours to have the full effect of the weed control. We recommend holding off until the following morning. Applying weed control just after a light rain or when the grass is moist is the most ideal time, as the leaves of the weed are already actively absorbing the water into itself.
  • The weed is dead and has no hope of recovery within 48 hours. However, the effects of the weed control will take time to see. You can expect the weed to start looking sick and limp within 4-7 days. The weed then must shrivel up and dry out for it to disappear altogether. This usually takes 2-3 weeks depending on how hot it is.


Controlling unwanted vegitation before it takes over.

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