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Overseeding your Lawn

Your lawn can benefit from over seeding every few years

Lawn Seeding / Overseeding

Create a Thicker, Hardier Lawn

Whether you have a patchy thin lawn, or your lawn is already thick and lush, your lawn can benefit from over seeding every few years. Weed Pro uses a slice seeding machine to implant grass seed directly into the soil. This process increases germination rates to as high as 90% compared to simply broadcasting seed over your lawn.

The benefits of overseeding are:

– it thickens up your lawn
– introduces new grass seed cultivars that are more insect resistant
– more drought tolerant and have a deeper green colour.


Weed Pro uses premium grass seed varieties that we have
custom blended for our customers.

When we apply our seed, we put it down heavy and thick for outstanding results. In addition to applying grass seed, Weed Pro highly recommends applying our 100% organic alfalfa top dressing. The advantages of this topdressing is water retention where the seeds are germinating and a great growing medium to get the tender seed on its way.

In order for overseeding to be effective, a regular watering routine must be maintained for the first two months. Overseeding is not recommended for those who do not have automatic underground sprinklers, as maintaining an effective watering schedule is quite involved without timers. We recommend watering newly planted grass seed twice a day (about 6:00am and 6:00pm) in each area of your lawn for only 4-5 minutes for two months.

And three times a day if the temperatures get to 26 degrees and above. This totals approximately 1 hour of water per zone a week. The tender roots of the newly germinated grass seed must never dry out, or the results from overseeding will be significantly reduced.

Lawn Overseeding Services Regina

Lawn Overseeding Services

Create a Thicker, Hardier Lawn

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