From early August to mid-September is the time of year when your lawn most thrives.  Your lawn can recover from many kinds of stress during this time of year.  Giving your lawn extra love now will give you the best results for your efforts.

Consider Aerating your lawn.  New root development is much greater in the fall than during any other time of the year.  By loosening your soil more oxygen and water will get to your root system and it will give your roots room to grow.

Early August is perhaps the best time of year to Overseed.  The soil is nice and warm, the sun isn’t at its hottest, and the evenings start to cool down, just add water and you have the perfect conditions for grass seed to germinate and establish itself.

Fertilizing in the fall is the most important application of the year!  With ideal growing conditions, feeding the soil and lawn will give your lawn the energy and nutrients it needs to thicken up through rhizome development.  The fall is also when grass starts to store up nutrients for he long winter ahead (sorry to say the word “winter” in August).  The more nutrients and energy stored in the root system in the fall, the quicker a lawn will bounce back from 5 months under snow.  However, do not fertilizer after mid-September, your lawn needs to harden up (not be actively growing) for a couple of weeks before the frost comes.

Not only are the growing conditions ideal for grass, it is also ideal for weeds!  This means they begin to start actively growing again, which makes our weed control more effective too!

So if you are disappointed with where your lawn is at, give Weed Pro a call and we would love to give you some advise and help you get your lawn where you want it to be.