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100% Organic Alfalfa Topdressing

Ingredients: 100% Alfalfa.

This is a single ingredient, 100% plant based soil conditioner which adds over 20 nutrients to balance the soil. Alfalfa can be used for virtually all applications: flower beds, gardens, lawns, container pots and replaces other products you may have used like peat moss or compost.

This dried and pelleted form of alfalfa works to improve your soil structure. Through the addition of organic matter alfalfa acts as a good source for soil microbes, helping to boost microbial activity. Aeration and drainage is improved and compaction is reduced. Additionally these alfalfa pellets absorbs up to four times its weight in water which contributes to the drought resistance of the soil. Alfalfa is rich in calcium and supplies other micro minerals such as selenium, magnesium, boron and more.

Weed Pro has used dried and pelleted Alfalfa since 2008. As just described, there are many benefits of the alfalfa product, but where we see this product shine is when it is paired with overseeding. Because of the water retention properties, when applied at the same time as overseeding, this alfalfa topdressing acts like a sponge, to help the tender grass seed stay moist until it establishes itself.

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